Project Manager

Project Deadline Countdown Timer Manager 1.0.1

Project Deadline Countdown Timer Manager 1.0.1: Complete project deadline managment system. project is due. PDCTM allows you to assign a project name, status indicator, and deadline to each project on your list, and to edit these properties at any time as long as the project is active. It also allows you to attach an unlimited number of comments to each project. It allows you to delete a project when it is completed, and you can call up a file of deleted projects. Both current and deleted projects can be searched in any field (project name

Creative Manager Pro 7.5: Creative Manager Pro, the leading Ad Agency Software for Creative Design Firms
Creative Manager Pro 7.5

project management software and job tracking solution streamlines the entire firm, from developing new business, to staffing, managing, and executing projects through to accounting and financial reporting.

Creative Manager Pro is a full-featured, intuitive system which makes project and agency management simple. Creative Manager Pro supports Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, Shared Calendaring, Accounting, Industry comparisons

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Project Planner - PE 4.9: An affordable alternative to MS-Project to manage projects.
Project Planner - PE 4.9

Project as well. Project Planner has following features: Earned Value Management Resource Dependent Calendar Drag and drop attachments Create projects quickly and easily using Project creation Wizard Plan a project by splitting a project into well defined tasks in a spreadsheet interface Summary view to show the project health based on number of tasks and project duration Add multiple resources and assign a task owner to a task Change the task status

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Learn Italian Online 1.0

projectmanager/ Learn Italian Online Project Helper - Project Manager Tool Instructions Project Creation Function: You can create a new project at the start of the program or choose to load an existing one. 1. Create a new project by clicking on ‘New Project’. Enter in your project name, expected start and end dates of the project and the priority category that the project falls under. Click on ‘Ok’ to create the project. 2. Your project

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MBBuilder 1.5.1

Project Manager supports project paradigm as a collection of files in MapBasic format, so you can work with MapBasic project. Simply MapBasic project. * All project files are stored in one place. So, you can load the files in the File Editor to rename, delete or add the new file. This is very convenient, if you want to use your old project code. * F9 magic key: press F9 and your project will be compiled, linked and MapInfo will run your application

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Project Tracker 3.5: Track hours and materials for projects or jobs. Networkable, includes reports.
Project Tracker 3.5

PROJECT TRACKER is a simple yet powerful tool used to keep track of multiple projects or jobs against what was quoted. This allows the project manager to keep in check how projects have progressed against original estimates. You can now log hours and materials used for a project. This version allows multiple users on a network to enter tasks associated to a project. This becomes powerful when different people work on the same project. A useful project

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RationalPlan Project Management Software 3.22.3: RationalPlan - project management software solution to manage projects and tasks
RationalPlan Project Management Software 3.22.3

project then you can use RationalPlan. It will help you to complete your project as scheduled, on time and within budget. If you have projects that are interrelated that is certain tasks from one project depend on other tasks from the other projects then you should opt in for a Multi Project version. Even more... you should choose a Multi Project version if you have resources that are working in multiple projects. Otherwise the Single Project version

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